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Wittenstein Coporate Design Gear
Wittenstein Coporate Design Detail Erection Screw
Wittenstein Corporate Design Gear

Wittenstein AG develops customer-tailored products for highly dynamic motion, precise positioning and intelligent networking in mechatronic drive technology. Studio F. A. Porsche has created a signature design language and product strategy for this company, a recipient of the Hermes Award, which enables the products of Wittenstein AG to remain uniquely recognizable.

In developing the corporate design, Studio F. A. Porsche chose design elements like shape, color, materials, logo and packaging, which are used for all drive systems and products of Wittenstein AG to create a consistent image. In this process, Studio F. A. Porsche focused not only on excellent design, but also on the products’ sustainability. Thanks to the continual design of new drive systems and product series with new functions, the work of Studio F. A. Porsche was a process of continual adaptation. The guidelines we developed for the Wittenstein AG corporate design are therefore being continually adapted and rounded out with innovative design characteristics.


Corporate Design



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