Bangkok “Skytrain”


Siemens Skytrain Bangkok Outside
Siemens Skytrain Bangkok Interior
Siemens Skytrain Bangkok Front

Soundless and stylish – the Bangkok Skytrain

In 1995 we developed the Skytrain for Bangkok, the city of millions, by order of Siemens Transportation Systems. In the colourful, loud metropolis, which is dominated by countless motor scooters and taxis, the impressive Skytrain glides soundlessly and elegantly between the buildings. Since the soil the city is built on is rich in clay and hard to dig tunnels in, the train drives through the city on a 39-meter long, continuous track on rails mounted 15 meters high.

On the outside, the train cars are decorated with blue and red stripes on a white background. The interior of the train is most significantly inspired by the vibrancy of the city. We developed a system of black bars to hold on to and combined it with an expressive colour concept, which is reminiscent of the aesthetic of the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian and the distinctive colour palette of the Bauhaus designs.

In order to comfortably provide space for the many passengers, we oriented the side rows of seats in a light radius which is also reflected in the handrails. The cockpit is not only ergonomically formed, in emergencies it can also be folded open and enables passengers to be evacuated through the front of the train car in just a few seconds.

The Bangkok Skytrain was one of the first projects completely designed in 3D, which was an exciting task and challenge. The elegant train fulfils the sophisticated requirements for product and security and still represents a design highlight in the Asian metropolis today.


"Skytrain", Bangkok



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