Monobloc Actuator


New Edition of an Icon

When Porsche launched the matte black Chronograph I in 1972, it was a sensation and completely overturned the previous idea of a wristwatch as a purely decorative accessory. Inspired by a race car’s dashboard and designed to be a highly legibly instrument as opposed to a mere decoration, the Chronograph I redefined the product category of watches from the moment it was created.

Together with Porsche Design’s Titanchronograph, developed in 1980, both trailblazing timepieces set the bar for our new edition: the Monobloc Actuator. Like the watch from 1980, this model’s casing consists entirely of titanium. We once again aimed to set a standard in design. The Actuator seems to be made from a single cast; only the crown nut stands out from the watch. We integrated the start and stop buttons into the casing. Two elegant joints mark the rocker used to operate the stopwatch. Thanks to its offset inward position and seven protective coats, the sapphire glass is protected against scratches, and the carefully processed bevels and integrated watchband ensure a radically purist design.

Unlike today’s typical digital and quartz watches, the Actuator operates with a purely mechanical, highly precise clockwork mechanism from our own Swiss manufacturer, Timepieces AG. In terms of technology and design, this Chronograph is designed to be extremely long-lasting and timeless, and it symbolises the design philosophy for which our brand has stood for nearly fifty years.


Monobloc Actuator



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