Hybrid Vacuum Cleaner


Panasonic Hybridstaubsauger an Steckdose
Panasonic Hybridstaubsauger komplett

The Vacuum Cleaner of the Future

We especially enjoy receiving project requests which not only demand our design expertise, but also call on our innovative capacity – and our ability to rethink things in completely new ways. That’s exactly what our client Panasonic demands of us. This time, our focus was on the Hybrid Cyclone Cleaner, a vacuum cleaner that works without a dust bag. The central question is: what characterizes the ideal vacuum cleaner for Japanese people living in urban areas in 2020? After we carried out an extensive analysis of the target groups and product, closely working together with our client’s engineers from Osaka, we developed a trailblazing device for the Japanese market.

The result: a compact, hybrid cyclone cleaner that fits perfectly in even the smallest flats. The high position of the ergonomic handle also allows elderly people to easily operate it. But the true highlight is the cleaner’s integrated high-performance battery, so that families with small children can easily clean up little “accidents”, even if no outlet is nearby. In other words, it’s a vacuum cleaner with a sleek, industrial look, that’s both fun and incredibly easy to use.





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