Private Whisky Bar


The Perfect Serve

First, you take a drink of iced water to cleanse and cool your pallet, then you take a sip of Johnnie Walker Blue Label and let the flavor develop as your mouth warms up again. This is what they call the Perfect Serve.

When the people from Johnnie Walker Blue Label contacted the Porsche Design Studio there was no design brief but a simple question: How to celebrate the Perfect Serve by combining the exquisite and traditional whisky world of Johnnie Walker Blue Label with the innovative and modern sophistication of Porsche Design?

The result is the “Private Bar”, a perfect fusion of the two brands and their DNA. On the outside Porsche Design: brushed stainless steel, minimalistic design and clean surfaces. Inside Johnnie Walker Blue Label: The whisky in a specially designed magnum bottle, iced water, chilled glasses, fine leather and noble wood. Combined, these elements form a technically sophisticated sculpture which opens magically touchless to reveal the essential ingredients for the Perfect Serve.


Johnnie Walker Private Bar



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