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A Corporate Identity Fit for the Digital Age

The Austrian company Ginzinger has been developing customised embedded Linux solutions for over 20 years. These embedded systems are in use nearly everywhere in our daily lives, for example in printers, routers and produce scales, but also in medical technology and building automation. Above all, Ginzinger promises its customers user-friendliness and reduced complexity.

These were precisely the values that guided us as we completely redesigned the logo, home page, presentation and various printed materials, such as business cards and advertising brochures. A core element of the corporate design was the switch to the ‘landscape format’, since a display in the common portrait format is simply impractical in the age of ‘the paperless office’, where internal and external communication take place almost exclusively on computer monitors and tablets. The result is a trailblazing and forward-looking CI, which is entirely tailored to the digital age.


Ginzinger Corporate Identity



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