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After designing a new user interface for the business intelligence software DeltaMaster, the Bissantz brand is redesigned accordingly. The software design serves as the basis for the new corporate design, which communicates the functional topics of controlling, analysis and reporting in an emotional and graphic way with red and blue tones. But how do you translate a software interface into clear corporate branding?

The corporate branding of Bissantz is designed with a similar graphic and emotional appeal. The studio F. A. Porsche tackles this challenge in an unconventional way: by using their expertise in product design to consider the brand relaunch from another perspective. Transforming a product through design – that’s how the business intelligence alphabet is created, made up of red and blue particles that can be freely associated with data, reporting, employees and other individual elements of a company. At the same time, they stand for how closely connected Bissantz, an owner-operated company, is to its characteristic product and customers.


Corporate Branding



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